Sunday, March 4, 2012

Some Purim Activities

Yes, I know- Purim is on Thursday... but hey- this gives you 3 (maybe 4) entire days to squeeze in some more Purim Activities! Enjoy~

A Purim Sensory Tub:

Montessori Counting with the Kings Jewels:

A Purim Mystery Bag: Show the kids all the objects. Place the objects in the bag and have the kids take turns feeling an object inside the bag and guessing what it is.

Making our own Purim Costumes: Yes, I know how cute these ready made store bought costumes are... but there is something to be said when the kids wear something they proudly made themselves (no matter how it came out;) So here we have my big guy making his beard for his Mordechai costume. My princess already made her Queen Esther crown that she worked SO hard on and is so proud of.

Since it is a Mitzvah to listen to the Megillah, here is a classic Montessori listening activity that you can easily make at home.

Sound Cylinders: Each cylinder has different size beads inside so when you shake them, they each make a different sound. The aim of the activity is to pick one color cylinder, shake it and listen to it. Then from the other color, find the matching sound by listening to each cylinder until you find the exact same sound. There are matching colored shapes underneath each cylinder that tells the kids if their jars are a match. This requires a lot of concentration and is a really great activity if you child is in that zone (quiet, calm, ready to sit down and listen).

Fish Sorting in connection to Pieces, the astrological sign for the Hebrew month of Adar:

Classic Montessori Fish Puzzle and control chart:

Fruit sorting in connection to Shalach Manos:

Just a little something to keep the little ones busy during school time- putting buttons into a Tzedakah Box (cleaner then real money):

Just a little something we did today- was really fun and came out so pretty. I totally forgot to take "after" photos and by the time I remembered, the cupcakes had disappeared:)

Enjoy your week~


  1. would you mind sharing where you got the items for the sensory box? thanks

  2. I have a great sensorial and culture Montessori inspired Purim activity I think would fit in with the fantastic ideas you've already posted!


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