Friday, June 18, 2010

Gimmel Tammuz- The Chabad Rebbe's 16th Yahrtzeit

In honor and memory of the Rebbe's 16th Yartzeit, we made our own picture frames for a picture of the Rebbe- I gave the munchkins glue, Popsicle sticks, markers, colored paper and foam Alef Bet letters and they each made their own creations... check them out:)

We got this magnet set as a gift from friends of ours- it is just fabulous- my Little Einstein made an airplane filled with passengers and he pretty much did most of it by himself- the only thing is that there are small pieces so make sure no little curious toddlers are around when playing!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Some Summer Jewish Activities

Since we concentrate on the Jewish Holidays and Parshah during the school year, we will be doing some fun activities, with a Jewish and meaningful twist~~~

We read about the Parshah every week, simply because Little Einstein loves loves loves it- and will throw in a Parshah project here and there, but here are some all round fun Jewish ideas:

My 5 Senses do Mitzvos!
  • make a book of the 5 senses, one sense per page and make or find pictures of different mitzvos you do with each of the senses
  • make a cutout person out of large construction paper and attach a mitzvah to each part of the body that that part performs
  • using a mirror, help your cutie make a self portrait and discuss each part of the face and how each part does different mitzvos
  • using glue and beans, have your cutie write their name on paper with the glue then glue the beans to make "braille" explaining what braille is and how it helps blind people see
  • Using half water, half white vinegar, and YOUR supervision! clean pennies- your cutie will be amazed at how shiny and clean the copper gets
  • Use an empty container (coffee, chocolate powder, matzah meal- any container with a lid) and decorate it with paint, tissue paper, markers etc. to make their own tzedakah box. Fill it through out the summer and at the end of the summer, go with your cutie to give the money to a place that needs it so they can see that all the money they collected is actually going to help someone
  • show the cuties a real mezuzah and whats written on the parchment
  • get feathers and paint and let cuties write with feathers on paper just like a sofer writes mezuzos
  • out of clay, make a mezuzah case then paint it
  • Collect old wrappers from kosher products and make a collage with all the different kosher signs
  • cut out pictures of dairy and meat products from magazines and stick them in 2 different sections (one red, one blue)
  • "Magnet Fishing" make fishing rods out of a stick, yarn and a magnet at the end. Make kosher fish with fins and scales and unkosher fish (octopus, eel, crab etc) and attach paper clips to them. Let the cuties go "fishing" and divide whatever they catch into kosher and unkosher piles
  • Make copies from The Very Hungry Caterpillar (by Eric Carle) of all the foods he ate. Then make a book or chart with the different brachot and cut and paste each food into the various columns or pages
I hope to post some photos as we do each project~ Happy summer to all!

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