Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Time to Count the Omer!

OK, I admit we were 15 days late in making our Sefirah chart, but better late then never, right:)

So I took a bulletin board and put green constunction paper on the bottom for the grass, blue on the top for the sky and a brown mountain for Har Sinai in the middle.
We layed it down on the floor in middle of the room so the munchins (age 4 and 2.5) had complete access to the entire board.
We talked about how there was a fence around the mountain, flowers on the mountain, lighting in the sky, how we eat dairy on Shavuos etc.

I then gave them the goods:
  • popsicle sticks to make a fence
  • stickers of flowers, ice-cream, kids, butterflies and a few other stickers (they love stickers)
  • a pre-cut Torah to stick on the top of the mountain with Alef Bais letters to stick on the Torah
  • pieces of thin paper to make lightning with
  • glue and tape
The kids did all the work, by themselves. They glued on the fence, stuck on the stickers, the Torah, the lightning. I helped them make a sign that says "Sefirat HaOmer" and a countdown chart on the mountain that we put a shiny star of David sticker on every day to count.

I used a permanent marker to write a number on each sticker so we can keep track of where we are up to.

We hung it up in our playroom and the munchkins are so proud of it!
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