Monday, July 13, 2015

Improve your son's learning skills this summer

I know I have mentioned in the past what a great experience we had with online tutoring with Rabbi Levi Eisenberg- I just saw this and really had to share as I know there are many moms out there whose boys could really use the extra help this summer to prepare for the coming school year-
Hope its helpful!

Great Summer Option!

Are you looking to improve your son's skills or confidence in learning?

Shreiber Learning's Custom Courses for Chumash and Gemara build language and comprehension skills, and help children become confident, independent learners.

Each course builds:

Contact Shreiber Learning today to discuss your goals, or to schedule a FREE sample lesson:

Shreiber Learning's courses are designed and taught by Rabbi Levi Eisenberg M.S. Ed. Rebbi at Cheder Menachem Los Angeles, CA.

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