Sunday, March 26, 2017

Pesach Seder Menus!

I love getting creative in the kitchen on Pesach.
Most of these recipes are not especially Kosher for Pesach, and since we all have our own customs in regard to what foods we do or do not eat, you can really custom makes these recipes to your liking by omitting or adding certain ingredients.

Click on each dish for the Recipes and have fun!

First Night Seder

Second Night Seder

Happy Cooking!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Book Review: RINA My Design Sketch Book

Yocheved Nadell has done it again.A few months ago my then 8 year old daughter reviewed Adina My Design Sketch Book . You can check it out here.

We received 2 copies of Rina My Design Sketch Book, one for my daughter and one for her best friend. The two of them were busy for hours. Here is what they said when I asked them what they thought:

'I loved decorating and designing the ballgowns. Also making their hair all fancy. I also loved the stickers and putting the whole outfit together.'

'I really liked the tutorials because they help you make  your own designs. I really liked Adina and Shira Design Books and I love this one too.'

Here are some of its features:
* Design using 60+ stickers and 80+ starter sketches for your endless ideas. 
* 14+ color fashion illustrations for inspiration! 
* 14+ coloring figures for all levels to enjoy. 
* 40+ color tutorial pages with easy to follow instructions. 
* 110+ pages for hours of creativity and fun! 

Younger kids will love coloring the pages and decorating with the stickers. Older kids will be thrilled with the results they achieve using the design and illustration skills they will learn in the easy to follow tutorials. Recommended for ages 8-120

You can purchase a copy of Rina My Design Sketch Book HERE or HERE.

This is such a wonderful book, I cannot recommend it enough!
Enjoy and have a wonderful week,

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