Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Book Review: Shabbos and Yom Tov Divrei Torah for Children - Volume 2: Torah Thoughts for Children

Book Review: Shabbos and Yom Tov Divrei Torah for Children - Volume 2: Torah Thoughts for Children

Rabbi Goldstein sent me a copy of this wonderful book to review, and who better to review it then my own kids.

What I love about his Dvar Torahs is that they are short, sweet and so meaningful. Each one opens with a concise introduction, followed by a question, an answer and a lesson. It is so clear and easy for almost anyone to understand as well as internalize.

Here are 2 sample Dvar Torahs that you can actually use this week. I would love to hear how it went at your Shabbos table!

This is a great book for any Jewish home- CLICK HERE to purchase it from Amazon as well as take a look inside the book.

Wishing you and yours a happy and light filled Chanukah,


Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Book Review - Feeling Better A-Z

Feeling Better A-Z 
A Book about Bikur Cholim
by Malka Nussbaum Chomer

I received this book to review and my kids absolutely loved it. The colorful illustrations really brought this story to life.This book really shows kids how they can perform the mitzvah of Bikur Cholim, visiting the sick, in a very real way. 

I love how the author uses each letter of the alphabet to help children discover so many ways in which they can cheer up someone who is not feeling well. C for a call, F for flowers, M for music, and T for Tehillim are all great ways to help someone feel better, just to name a few.

The illustrations show a young brother and sister overjoyed to help their friends, spend time with their elderly bubby, and visit their mother who just had a baby! 

You can find it on Amazon by clicking here or from Mostly Music by clicking here

I highly recommend this book for every home and classroom, Feeling Better A to Z can be a springboard for even more creative ideas about Bikur Cholim for the entire family.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!


Thursday, May 2, 2019

Book Review: The Shabbat Treasure by Evelyn Goldfinger

The Shabbat Treasure by Evelyn Goldfinger is a very sweet story about a little girl named Eve who is so excited to be getting ready for Shabbat. I just adore the way she dances in front of her mirror and looks outside at the sky dreamily imagining when the Shabbat Queen will arrive.

 Her adventurous little brother Leo, however, seems to have some other ideas. He has taken the 3 Shabbat elements (the candlesticks, the challah, and the wine) and hidden them around the house and has now sent Eve on a mission to find them.

She does so with a smile as she dances through the house, completing each of Leo's challenges to find them- but then something unfortunate happens. 

You see the kind-hearted nature of Eve in how she deals with this event and how she treats her brother Leo.

Whether your child is in touch with their inner dancing princess or adventurous pirate, I am sure your child will love this story and it's colorful illustrations that go along with it.

I hope your little ones enjoy it as much as mine did,
Have a wonderful Shabbat,

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Jewish ABCs - A book review

I just received a copy of Jewish ABCs by Laura Beth Wolf to review, and it is just adorable!

My 8 year old twins grabbed it and were so excited to be able to read all the words, even the more difficult ones. 

The illustrations are so clear, big and colorful.

This is a great book for little ones as the words are large and the pictures are really cute to look at.

Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Pesach Seder Menus!

I love getting creative in the kitchen on Pesach.
Most of these recipes are not especially Kosher for Pesach, and since we all have our own customs in regard to what foods we do or do not eat, you can really custom makes these recipes to your liking by omitting or adding certain ingredients.

Click on each dish for the Recipes and have fun!

First Night Seder

Second Night Seder

Happy Cooking!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Book Review: RINA My Design Sketch Book

Yocheved Nadell has done it again.A few months ago my then 8 year old daughter reviewed Adina My Design Sketch Book . You can check it out here.

We received 2 copies of Rina My Design Sketch Book, one for my daughter and one for her best friend. The two of them were busy for hours. Here is what they said when I asked them what they thought:

'I loved decorating and designing the ballgowns. Also making their hair all fancy. I also loved the stickers and putting the whole outfit together.'

'I really liked the tutorials because they help you make  your own designs. I really liked Adina and Shira Design Books and I love this one too.'

Here are some of its features:
* Design using 60+ stickers and 80+ starter sketches for your endless ideas. 
* 14+ color fashion illustrations for inspiration! 
* 14+ coloring figures for all levels to enjoy. 
* 40+ color tutorial pages with easy to follow instructions. 
* 110+ pages for hours of creativity and fun! 

Younger kids will love coloring the pages and decorating with the stickers. Older kids will be thrilled with the results they achieve using the design and illustration skills they will learn in the easy to follow tutorials. Recommended for ages 8-120

You can purchase a copy of Rina My Design Sketch Book HERE or HERE.

This is such a wonderful book, I cannot recommend it enough!
Enjoy and have a wonderful week,

Monday, December 12, 2016

An Interview with a Homeschool Alumini

Meet my friend Devora. She is a beautiful, smart, funny and very spiritual woman in her early 20's. She was homeschooled until the age of 9 and is here to share her homeschooling experience with all us nervous mothers wondering and praying how our kids will turn out because we homeschooled them...

A Homeschooling Interview with Devora:
Me: Until what age were you Homeschooled? 
Devora: Until 3rd grade (9 years old).
M: What was your mothers teaching method? Did she follow a Curriculum? 
D: My mother visited different schools in different states and collected the curriculums to see what each grade level is up to. She took the information and lessons she wanted to give us and made it real and alive! For example, when learning about the Exodus from Egypt, the house was transformed into a dessert (we live in the Midwest). She put tarp on floor covered with sand on top, a huge sun mural on the wall and heaters to feel the desert heat. We also drove over to the hardware store and bought cement to make our own bricks at home. 
We would learn Chumash one on one in the morning followed by other Torah subjects. Then in the afternoon English, math and other secular subjects along with lots of extracurricular opportunities (I took ceramics, art, gymnastics, Karate, Basketball, ballet, ice skating with homeschoolers and drama. We had so much fun being outside, exploring nature… nature is the best playground! We'd go to amusement parks and museums for kids.
M: What did you enjoy about being homeschooled?  
D: I really enjoyed the freedom to blossom in a nurturing place, where parents are sensitively catering to each of their children's specific needs. Parents are always there to directly take care of any issue that might come up immediately and they are there to constantly create a loving and accepting atmosphere. Another aspect that's great about homeschooling is that children's curiosity is allowed to flow and the learning can be based on where the child's curiosity leads them. 
M: What were some of your biggest challenges being homeschooled? 
D: It was challenging that there were no kids like us, and my parents were worried that our lack of social experiences with children of the same age might affect us negatively.
M: How were those challenges overcome? 
D: It came naturally. By having an open and loving home and utilizing any sort of social experiences, it did not cause us to lack in our social skills.
M: Would you homeschool your children?
D: YES!! I cannot imagine not. My children would be nurtured in the best possible way by people who care about them the most and know each child’s individual needs. The parents set the tone of the environment the children are in and that is key! An accepting, genuine, open minded, free, adventurous feel along with  rules, values and morals let the curious and quick minds of children to express themselves and be the best they can be!
M: Where did you go after 3rd grade? 
D: To a Hebrew Academy for half a day (Judaic Studies) 1 ½ hours away and all secular subjects taught at home. By 5th grade I was a full day in the Hebrew Academy and by 6th grade (11 years old) I went away from home to school 6 hours away from home.
M: Were there any issues socially? 
D: Definitely no negative differences. More children in schools have issues from being bullied and there is no space and time to calm down or think. When in a safe environment the child could talk about their feelings, and be taught effective coping skills, good communication skills and model good examples.
M: What were the biggest challenges entering a mainstream school? 
D: Academically, I was not used to school rules and the classroom structure. I had to catch up on some material, but after a few months of learning with tutors I was on par with the class. Socially, it was weird being around all these kids that are the same age as you and to see people being mean and bullying is almost a normal thing in schools. Parents should prepare their child before entering a school from homeschooling very well so there is less things that could be a little shocking. For example,  the style of learning, how other children might act, what kind of clothes is generally worn in that school etc.
M: What is your message to mom’s homeschooling their children? 
D: Tune into your children! Figure out their specific needs so you can help them grow. You also don't need to be scared that you might not be doing everything like a regular's ok, you are not a typical school, you are YOUR unique school. Make adventures, be creative, give experiences. Of course always be on top of  your game, tracking what skills your children are accomplishing and where they might be taking a longer time to advance. 
Also remember, homeschooling is not for everyone, it can be very stressful for parents and not the most beneficial to children if not done properly. However, if one is committed to making it work and being 100% dedicated to their children's education and growth in all areas, it can be the most rewarding path for parents and their children!
Thank you my dear Devora!
May you all have a wonderful week and I hope this interview was helpful to you on your homeschooling journey,
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