Monday, November 28, 2016 Launches New Teaching Hub Guest Post

TeachingMarket Launches New Teaching Hub 

A newly launched is one of the fastest growing online teacher “hubs,” making online teacher resources easy to search, find, and download.  While the vast majority of the hundreds of files are geared towards pre-school and lower elementary; TeachingMarket will be launching “Middle School” in the very near future. is easy to use making digital files immediately available for classroom use with the touch of a button.  Simply search by subject and download  a lesson in seconds.  Gone are the days of tedious lesson planning!

Another stand-out feature of TeachingMarket is the user’s option to upload their own files and get paid for sharing.  It is a great way for teachers to share what they’ve found to be successful in the classroom while making some extra income.  Why make another lesson when surely someone has done it already? It is easy to share and give students a quality educational experience while keeping teachers sane!

With a growing number of files being uploaded every day, lesson sharing is a time saving resource for teachers!

Homeschooling has seen a huge surge as of late and TeachingMarket is now offering Jewish Homeschool blog subscribers a special.  Simply upload a file, sign up for monthly e-mails & promo codes, and you are entered to win a $10 gift card towards any educational files available for download on the website.
With Chanukah around the corner please stay tuned for discount codes and special giveaways for educators and parents.

TeachingMarket is a one-stop hub for all your teaching needs.

Looking forward to a successful year!
For more information, please visit

Chew it Over- a book review

How often do we try to teach our kids (and ourselves) to think things through before doing anything. Before eating something, before going somewhere, before bringing someone into our lives, pretty much everything we do requires us to think it through or as this wonderful book written by Getzel Rubashkin says, 

I love how he has taken the lesson from how Kosher animals need to chew their food a few times before it gets digested and turned it into a very applicable life lesson for everyone, both adults and kids alike.
 It coughed it all up again and it chewed it again.
  All kosher animals chew that way too
 What is that lesson? What could it be?
Here is a peek at some of the wonderful illustrations and words from Chew it Over:
Chew it Over is such a fabulous addition to any children's library. You can purchase a copy Here- buy one for your kids, your nieces and nephews, your next door neighbor... and it makes a really special Chanukah Gift!
Wishing you all a wonderful week!
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