Monday, March 19, 2012

Some Pesach Activites

I'm back with my baby wipe caps again:) This time, we made the 10 Makos (10 Plagues):
We have these adorable 10 Makos finger puppets that fit inside each one perfectly:

Here is a Chametz/Kasher L'Pesach sorting tray- find the Chametz and put it in the basket (you can also write "Chametz" and "Kasher L'Pesach" on 2 pieces of paper and have the kiddos sort the foods into the correct columns):

A Pesach Sensory Table:

Here's an adorable project we are working on- in my Pesach cleaning I am coming across many treasures (aka- garbage) that I keep thinking how I can use it for the kiddos... I found a bunch of empty DVD covers and we are making lapbooks of the 4 sons out of them (we also learn about the 5th son not mentions in the Haggadah, the son who doesn't even know what Pesach is).

I made pictures of each son and had the kids color them. We're going to slide it into the plastic as the cover of the lapbook. We are then going to make pictures and write about each son and stick it inside the cover. How fun? Will post the finished project once completed. This will really give the kids a very clear understanding of the 5 sons.

Below are some links to where we got some of the things we are using to learn about Pesach:

Here is a link to a fun Pesach Activity Pack I made- Click here to download it and Click here for some previous Pesach blog posts that may be helpful~

Happy Pesach cleaning to all!

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