Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pleasing all the people all the time ~ A Purim Number Game

Kids are picky eaters. They all are, really. Unless you are one of these lucky moms who's kids eat whatever you put on the table then I say GOOD FOR YOU:)

But in my house, like many houses, we have those who need Ketchup with EVERYTHING, those who CANNOT even be NEAR the Ketchup bottle, those who refuse to eat anything remotely colorful (its a good thing peeled apples are white) and those who LOVE LOVE LOVE all vegetables, raw, cooked, you name it. Yes, I actually have one of those kids!

So meal time in our house can be quite the challenge. Figuring out daily meals that work with or without Ketchup, includes something with no color as well as lots of veges.

Here is a sample Dinner menu I have made up of the staple dinners in our home. It pleases everyone and no one goes hungry. I have also included a link to a blank dinner menu for you to print out for yourself, if it can be helpful in anyway. Click here to download it.
Sarah from Center City Jewish Preschool sent over an adorable Purim Counting game. Click here to download the PDF- you can use miniature pegs, Do-a-dots, stamps, paper clips, crayons, markers, you name it, to identify the correct number matching of the amount of objects. I would print these out on card stock and laminate them for future use.

If anyone has any fun Jewish printables they have made and would like to share via this blog, please email them to me at Jewishmontessori18 AT gmail DOT com and I will put it up with a link to download it.

Lets share the wealth!
Wishing all a great Shabbos,


  1. Wow Your menu looks amazing. Do you really serve soup before every dinner? I can barely manage a main dish and vegetable.

  2. Yes! It's the only way to get the other kids to eat Vege's- I serve it with soup croutons or matzah balls and make enough for lunch the next day!


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