Monday, March 26, 2012

Knowing WHAT to say and HOW to say it...

The Power of Using Our G-d Given Talents (and Helping Our Children Recognize Theirs)

There are twelve months in the Jewish calendar. The talent of SPEECH is the first, beginning with the month of Nissan, the month of Passover. “Pe”-”sach” means “the mouth” “speaks”. At the Passover seder we speak of the miracles that were done for the Jewish people when we were freed from slavery in Egypt.

People who have this talent intuitively know what to say and how to say it. This is considered to be the talent of leadership because people affect others with their words.

We can be role models of speech by speaking kindly and thoughtfully. When we recognize this talent in our children, it’s good to encourage them. We can reinforce this talent by telling them how well they speak; “You said it so well,” “I really appreciate the way you spoke to me,” “You explained it so clearly.”

Thanks and acknowledgment are essential to good speech. We can model this and encourage the children to thank, and acknowledge other people. It’s also good to let them know that they can take a few quiet moments to decide how to say what they really want to say.

Tools for Developing Your Talent of Speech:

1. Wake up and give thanks for this new day of life.

2. Validate three people for a good quality or action each day.

3. Before going to sleep, give thanks for five blessings of the day.


* The Kabalah of Speech:

The tribe which corresponds to the month of Nissan is Yehuda (Judah). His mother, Leah, named him, saying, “This time I will give thanks to G-d...” (Genesis 29:35). The root of his name is related to the word ‘Todah,’ thanks.

Judah took leadership through admitting the truth and by speaking out for his brother in Egypt. He took charge of each situation by using clear and heartfelt speech . His descendants were King David, King Solomon and the line of Jewish kings.

**Our first words each day, according to the Jewish custom, are thanks to G-d for having returned our souls.

We wake up and SAY while still in bed, “Modeh Ani lifanecha , Melech Chai v’Kayam , She’heche’zarta be nishmati b’chemla; Rabah emunatecha. (With acknowledgment, I am before You, living and existing King, that you returned my soul to me in mercy: great is Your faith.)

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