Friday, October 22, 2010

Parshas VaYeira Shabbos Questions and Bereishis Curriculum Review

Here is a great packet I found on - It is a synopsis of the weekly Parshah with questions and answers... I found it to be perfect for asking questions on the Parshah at the Shabbos table-

You can download it here:

I was then given the wonderful opportunity to review A Creative Curriculum- Bereishis by Chani Marcus.

Their Bereishis curriculum provides you with 26 creative lessons covering the book of Bereishis. Each lesson contains a worksheet as well as numerous activities, discussions, projects and tools to engage the students, drive the lessons home and make the stories come to life.

It says it is appropriate for grades 3 – 6, but it can definitely be tweaked and simplified for younger kids.

It comes with a list of Projects for all year long as well as a complete lesson plan for each Parshah in Sefer Bereishis.

Each lesson plan comes with the following:
An-Anticipatory Set

It is jam packed with info and ideas, and I highly recommend it!

You can check out her website here: Aleph Champs

She also carries fabulous Hebrew reading books and workbooks and flashcards, all of which we have and love using-

So go check it out!

Wishing all a wonderful Shabbos,

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