Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Parshas Lech Lecha and keeping the little ones entertained...

My little guy just loves being read to- so reading about the Parshah is actually such a treat for him, he always asks me to keep reading on to the next Parshah to see what happens next:)

So today we read from Parshas Noach until Parshas Chayei Sara in My Parshah Reader which he just loved and then went on to make a cute little project on this cool paper that a friend of ours gave us. It is plastic, multi colored and painted black. He used a tooth pick to make stars in the sky just like Hashem told Avraham that his children and grandchildren would be as many as the stars in the sky... and next thing I knew, the little guy ended up making a bunch of shooting stars and planets and rockets etc all in this cool sky of his:) hey, that's the beauty of Homeschooling, let them make their own creations, let those little imaginations run wild!

Here he is in action:

We also read this fabulous book from Hachai called "A Little Boy Named Avram" all about how Avraham discovered Hashem at the age of 3- it is very sweet, highly recommend it!

Here are 2 songs from 613 Torah Avenue on this weeks Parshah- we have the CD, its adorable:

Then for quiet time (for those in the family who outgrew their naps) we watched Malkali Bereishis, also a wonderful DVD all about the Parshahs. You can get it here. In fact, ALL here DVD's are so great for little ones, we have a bunch of them

And here are just a few great activities my munchkin did today, she's almost 3...

And my luck, my little guy is obsessed with doing Science experiments. Too bad Daddy is a Rabbi and mommy barely passed her way through every Science in high school AND college! But thanks to other mom blogs and websites, we manage to keep him entertained:)

This one was cool:
2 cups of water, blue was cold, red was hot (we used food coloring to color them)

Then using a piece of thin hard card board, we turned the hot water upside down and placed it on top of the cold water. Due to the density of the hot water, the two did not mix! Now even I found that pretty cool:)
Hey, we do what we can to keep those little tykes happy!
A great week to all,

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