Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Parshas Chayei Sara Arts'n Crafts

We woke up at 6am this morning (nothing new:) and the little guy decided that he wants to MAKE a well (the well that Eliezer met Rivkah at)... so this is what we came up with, including the camel:)

The camel is made out of an egg carton, clothes pegs and pipe-cleaners. The well is made with a Tupperware, Popsicle sticks and a pale that picks up water- he had so much fun with it!

We printed a bunch of projects out from and this is one of them: A picture of a well, a camel, the sun and a dish to drink out of for the camel. The little guy decided to glue Popsicle sticks to his well... i really recommend this website, it has so much to offer.

We are reading Kind Little Rivkah, a really sweet book about Rivkah at the well and her kindness to Eliezer. You can get it here:

While the little guy worked on his project, my munchkin painted in her Dora coloring book. Here she is:
This is our schedule board. We tried workboxes, but it didn't quite work for us. So instead, every morning we sit with our cards and decide what our schedule for the day will be. We have lots and lots of options so it really works well. The kids get really excited about picking what they want to do and then as they finish one task, move on to the next. Hey, it works for us!
We received this game as a gift and my little guy had such a ball playing it. It says it is for ages 3 and up, but my munchkin didn't quite have the patience for it (she just turned 3) but the little guy loved it. It really helps them practice their letter recognition, both upper and lower case. I think (if I have the time) I will make a Hebrew letter version with print and script.

And thats what we've been up to!

Have a great week!


  1. Very cool well and camel! I like your schedule board idea!

  2. What a great update! This looks like a terrific, flexible scheduling system. We just may try it... or some authoritarian version where I choose the days' activities, but they can pick the order.
    I wasn't sure which game you meant, because the image isn't working, but I looked on Amazon and it looks like you mean the Eric Carle ABC game. I am surprised you like it - haven't seen it myself, but 8 amazon reviewers say it's dull and terrible (vs 1 who says it's okay!).
    Is that the game you mean?

  3. It's the ABC game by Eriv Carle-
    I guess the game really depends on the kids playing- It is a very simple game, but my little guy (5) loved it... he has a great concentration span, like I said, my 3 year old wasn't too interested:)

  4. FYI - I included a few links to you in the latest (Kislev) Jewish Homeschool Carnival. Check it out!


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