Sunday, July 11, 2010

Since I still can't find my camera:( we will just have to rely on good old amazon to show you the products we are using... (have in mind, there are lots of other places to buy these products for great prices - try TJ MAxx, Ross, Marshalls, Craigslist, ebay etc.)

My little Einstein (4.5) recieved a DVD from a friend of his call "Leap Frog Building Words" or something like that and it completely inspired him to start making words of his own. So we have about 3 sets of the Melissa and Doug Magnetic ABC's and put them all on the fridge where he can sit for quite a while making 3 and sometimes 4 letter words and loves loves loves it...

While he is busy with his words, Munchkin (2.5) will do a shapes puzzle which I have shown at the bottom of the page and Sumo (1.5) will do a stacking puzzle which he loves and can do over and over and over until he starts throwing the pieces around the room then mom puts it away and we move on to a new activity:)

So here are the products we use and I have also included an ABC book which the kids adore, we can read it over and over and over and it really gets them familiar with the letters, even my Munchkin now recognizes certain letters...

Here it is:

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