Tuesday, July 13, 2010


We just redid the floors of our house, FORCING me to clean out the ENTIRE playroom and bedrooms and go through all our toys, games, puzzles, books etc. which has been an amazing blessing in disguise.

I say disguise because our house has looked like a nuclear disaster for the past 2 weeks with everything from all the rooms all piled into the living room but slowly but surely we are getting everything in its rightful place:)

Having said that, I have really organized the kids class/playroom and have been greatly inspired by the blog www.homeschoolcreations.com in the process-

I actually printed out labels with the name and picture of almost every toy, game, puzzle and activity in the room and laminated it to stick on each container making it alot more pleasing and easier on the eye to find what you need and then put it back.

I finally found my camera amidst all the chaos and will post photos as soon as I have finished the job, but I am really feeling so good about it.

I even labeled the cubbies in the kids closets (shirts, shorts, PJs etc) with a picture and word so they are very capable of finding what they need as well as put it away in the right place.

I read the book by Julie Morgenstern about home organization and she says her favorite model of organization is a Kindergarten classroom. Why? Because everything has its place and is easily accessible. So slowly but surely I want my home to become like that:)

Homeschooling, means having the kids at home alot more then kids who are out 8 hours a day and so they need to feel that everything is in order, has its place, and it gives them a sense of calm.

I really realized this week, having the house in total chaos, how it affects the kids so much. They acted up a lot more then ever, and I was speaking to my hubby about it and we both really understood how when there is chaos around you, it affects you and the way you act. So too with organization.

So here's to organization, giving the munchkins a fabulous summer and getting the house ready for a fabulous school year!

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