Friday, July 16, 2010

Everything needs a HOME

So that is my goal for this summer- that by the time the school year begins (we are starting mid August) our house-okay, MOST of the house will be organized and I will know where ANYTHING is ANYTIME someone needs something.

And how do I accomplish this you ask? By assigning a home to every single object we own. And if it dosn't have a home, either give it away or make a place for it-

But no more stuffed junk drawers, no more playroom chaos!

In fact, this label system has done WONDERS so far, especially for the kids.

I labeled the cubbies in their closets, their drawers, their toy cubbies- EVERYTHING has a home so when it is time to put things back and do clean up, it is a no brainer and QUICK!

Here is one page of labels that I made for part of the playroom. I laminated them and stuck them on each container/drawer/box/basket or whatever is holding each thing.
Wish me luck for the rest of the house! And a really fabulous organizing tip I learned was "you don't have to do everything in one day- even 10 minutes a day can accomplish so much"

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