Monday, July 19, 2010

~~Morning Shopping Spree and Home-made Gas Station~~

A friend of mine gave me a set of "Hooked on Math"- I went through the set and found a set of play money, dollars and cents...

So we made our own money purses and made a toy store and restaurant (for breakfast) and each munchkin "ordered" breakfast and "payed" me for it ($1 for a bowl of cereal, 10c for a cup of juice etc.)

We made the purses out of felt- REALLY easy: Cut a long rectangle. Fold it almost in half leaving a flap to go over and close it. I stapled the sides, stuck a piece of velcro on the flap and the purse so it can close and then we decorated them (custom ordered and designed by each munchkin:) and attached straps so they can carry them around... check them out!

Then we have a book called "Family Fun Crafts" which Little Einstein got a great idea to make a gas station out of an empty Apple Juice container- SO EASY! We just cut 2 squares out of each end of the container and glued on "gas" pumps made out of construction paper on the sides. We used pipe cleaners as the gas pumpers. Then we took a piece of black construction paper and made a "parking lot" using a white crayon to draw the parking spaces.

Lets just say that he played with it for HOURS- also made a little "body shop" inside the "gas station". A GREAT GREAT activity!

Here's a link to the book- LOTS of great idea's using stuff you have in your house already and REALLY kid friendly and easy to make~

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