Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Blame Game

I recently read a really great post over at My Happily Hectic Life. Hop on over there for a few moments to read Shaindys post called 'All Kids Misbehave.'

Here are the first few lines of her post- make sure to read her entire post though...

I really had a little giggle as I read this and actually responded to her in a private email saying this:
"I homeschool my kids, I am with them ALL day, EVERYDAY- they have ALL my attention... I make healthy snacks and meals... I read to them every night... they play all day...
And they FIGHT with each other and get up to MISCHIEF and they misbehave and drive me nuts at times-- so my dear, yes, there is no magic formula!!!!!!!!

It is normal human nature for kids to misbehave, if they never faught with each other or misbehaved, then I would be very worried.....

Great blog post, I am sure if made a lot of moms feel a bit more human!"

And I was so happy she brought this up, because we as moms are so quick to blame ourselves for everything.

Granted, we need to be responsible parents and do our part to keep our kids as physically and mentally healthy as we can but at the same time, we need to back away from all those Pintrest boards and mommy blogs and give ourselves a huge pat on the back for just doing our best.

I get so many emails from other moms 'in awe' of everything I do with my kids, but the honest truth is, my kids are not always interested in doing everything I have made or planned. 

I remember setting up a classic Montessori activity where you have the letters of the alphabet and a bunch of miniatures and the kids need to match the miniature to the letter it starts with. 

That activity lasted about 5 minutes and the next thing I knew the kids had made an entire game using the miniatures, setting them up, using the letters as food for animals and I just went with it because they were having such a good time playing.

We, as moms, need to realize that we do our best and whether we work all day, homeschool our kids or whatever your situation is, kids are kids, and as long as we love them and show them we love them and take care of their needs, they will really be fine.

So whether your kids are enrolled in a state of the art summer camp or spending their days climbing trees and chasing each other with the hose, whether they are reading books under a tree or doing 5 projects a day that you have personally planned from Pintrest, our kids will all be okay.

Now please, all you amazing mamas out there who gave birth to and are raising these little people who have the capability to bring out the absolute best and worst in us, pour yourself a cup of wine or ice tea or whatever you feel like drinking, put your feet up and congratulate yourself for doing the best job that you can do.

We are mamas, hear us roar :)

Have a fabulous week,


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