Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Say Cheese!!!.... or maybe not?

A few days ago I was sitting outside on the grass while my kids were having a ball on the Slip n' Slide and playing in the Splash Pool. My 6 year old came over to sit next to me, put on my big floppy sun hat that I had put on the grass and was just relaxing and watching her siblings play.

She looked really adorable so I told her not to move, that I wanted to quickly run inside and get my camera to snap her photo. She looked at me and said, 'okay mommy, just don't put it on Facebook, okay?'

Um... okay.

Up until that very moment, I never really thought that my kids (at least the older ones) were aware or even cared what happens after I snap their photo. 

But our kids see and know so much more then we think. 

Growing up, the only time I remember my parents taking photos of us was on family vacations or special occasions (dance recitals, school events, birthday parties). And all of our photos were kept in albums on a shelf for us to look at and enjoy whenever we wished and doubles were made and sent to grandparents or relatives that lived far away.

Granted, its so nice to be able to share photos with family and friends who live far away. They can actually watch our kids grow up without even being here.

But nowadays, things are so different. I really never thought about it until recently. Today, we take photos of our kids all the time, every day and share them with our world. I never once stopped to think whether this is something that would bother them. But apparently, my 6 year old would prefer I didn't share photos of her on Facebook. And that's okay. 

So I have decided that should I wish to share any photos of my older kids, I will ask them if they are okay with it, before posting online. 

Wishing you all a wonderful week,

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