Monday, June 9, 2014

Lets go Fishing!

We went to a sweet little fair yesterday, where there were pony rides, bounce houses and cute games. Nothing fancy, but the kids had such a ball with all the games that when we got home, they wanted to make a carnival of their own.

We made a replica of a really cute fishing activity that they loved- this is what we used: 

We used big branches, yarn and hardware hooks to make fishing rods, and foam paper to cut out fish. We used colored pipe cleaners to make hooks for them to catch the fish with, which went easily through the foam.

We then filled up our kiddie pool with a little bit of water so that the fish could float, and the fishing fun began!

Here are some of the supplies we used:

Now, aside for all the fun we have, there are definitely many moments when someone acts up a bit and needs a time out.

When one of my kiddos is having a moment (hits someone, throws something out of frustration, knocks over someone elses blocks on purpose etc. -you're all moms and get what I am talking about!) I find that a really great thing to do is give the child a time out.

Here is a great method that really works for me and I want to share it with you- 

I call it the... 

They need to go to their room for the amount of minutes of their age. In order for my 5 year old to understand how long 5 minutes is, I give him a one minute hour glass timer and 5 Unifix counters. He needs to either count up to 60 and each time he counts to 60 (no skip counting allowed!) he puts another cube on top of the other until he has counted 5 times. If he doesn't want to count, he uses the hour glass and places the cubes on top of each other as the timer runs out.

It works really well, it calms them down, it refocuses their energy and gives them a very clear understanding of time.

I don't enjoy putting my kids in time out, but we can all use a time out once in a while. As long as its approached with love as well as a stern tone of voice, its healthy for them.

Hopefully you wont need to use this discipline method too often as most of our kids are angels, aren't they? ;)

Have a wonderful week!

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