Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Afterthe past 2 days rain ordeal, I really prepared for today to be pretty much the same thing. But to my surprise and joy, we woke up to clear blue skies!!! So in the afternoon, the kids took a trip with Daddy while mommy baked away~ I was really in the Hamantash zone... check out some of the cool Hamantashen that emerged from my oven:

Potato Knishe Hamantashen (using Puff pastry)

Spinach Knishe Hamantashen (using Puff pastry)

Spanish Olive, Tomato and Garlic Hamantashen (using Puff pastry)

Dates and Cinnamon Hamantashen

Butterscotch Hamantashen

Pineapple Coconut Macadamia nut Hamantashen

Red Velvet Hamantashen
Here is my go-to Hamantashen Recipe that I use every year for Hamantshen with a savory filling. For the Red Velvet, I just used a Red Velvet cake mix instead of the Yellow cake mix and went according to the same recipe. For the non savory Hamatashen, I use Puff pastry with all different fillings.

Its all about creativity! Would love to hear some cool Hamantashen ideas that you came up with~
Happy Purim!


  1. Wow! Your savoury hamantaschen look wonderful - what a good idea. I would never have thought about using puff pastry either - I must give that a go. The sweet ones do look pretty yummy too. We're off to a cheder Purim party tomorrow afternoon so I will be baking some more hamantaschen up to take with. I love your blog with all your great ideas and am finding it an inspiration as we've just taken our daughter out of school so we can cover more Jewish learning.

  2. How do you make your butterscotch filling? It appears you use butterscotch chips. Is there anything else? Thanks!


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