Sunday, February 5, 2012

Shabbat Menu for You!

Every Thursday I sit down, take out the nearest notepad or piece of paper and write out my Shabbos menu for the upcoming Shabbos. I stick it on the fridge, forget to throw it out and end up with 10 little papers with different weeks Shabbos menus all over the fridge.

So I decided to make this template that I printed out, laminated and stuck on the fridge with a dry erase marker hanging next to it (attached to a magnet). Like this, every time I need to write out my Shabbos menu, I have the template and can just fill in the blanks- and erase it each week.

Feel free to download it here and use it for yourself~

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Have a great week~


  1. Have you thought about keeping a Shabbos (I do one for Pesach too) notebook with menus, prices, list of guests? I do that and then I can see what I have made recently (and if it went over well) and whom I had over (to the best of my memory).

  2. Oh, if ONLY I were THAT organized!!! Maybe one day!

  3. You can also frame it and write/erase directly on the glass with a dry erase marker!


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