Thursday, February 16, 2012

Purim Preps, Storing Books & Tzedakah Boxes from Matzah Balls!

Purim is a pretty busy time around here and although its still 2 1/2 weeks away, we have started doing some activities connected to it.

Princess Puzzle
I made a little Princess puzzle for my 4 year old Princess to do, in preparation for Purim.

I cut out Princesses from the cover of an old coloring book and hot glue gunned Popsicle sticks to the back of it. The cover was pretty thick cardboard but if you are using a paper you printed, I recommend either laminating it or printing it on card stock.

I then used a knife and cut along the sides of the Popsicle sticks to separate them and turn them into puzzle pieces.

The Kings Treasures Sensory Bin

Oooooh, my daughter LOVES this- so easy... I just filled up a plastic tub with sand and pebbles and these funky looking plastic Jewels that we had. She then used the sifter to go "digging" for treasures and placed them in the glass dish. Instant winner.

Brachos Sorting Tray

I got this from the Jewish Montessori company that manufacture Jewish Montessori products, and honestly, this is something you can really do yourself. Just get 6 bowls, put the name of the bracha in each and get a basket of plastic play foods to sort into each bracha.

We did this in connection to sending Shaloch Manos and how we need 2/3 different brachos in each one.

Purim Puppets

I actually have a very cool Purim Puppet review coming up, but I wanted to give you the chance to check out the website before I posted it so should you decide to purchase the Purim Puppet Kit, you will have enough time to get it in time for Purim-

For those also doing early Purim preps, here is a fun Purim Activity Pack I made for the munchkins.

Book Storage
Okay, I am officially in love with Pinterest. I am sure many of you are as well and feel free to follow me (Mommzy). I found this AWESOME idea that someone used to store their magazines and tweaked it to store our books we use in our classroom. I am on SUCH a roll over here, I have Transportation, Weather, Animals and Parshah all in the works- and this is just the beginning.!

Here is the tutorial on how to make them.

For the Ocean Life/Fish box I used some fun fishy paper we had. For the Human Body, I covered the box with red paper and stuck a picture of a body that we cut out from a box of something we bought. Then for Space, I covered it in black and stuck on some foam glitter planets.

The kids LOVE them and it makes it so easy and inviting to just go over to the shelf and pull out a box of books on a specific theme that they are interested in.

Matzah Ball Tzedakah Boxes
And last but not least, using a Matzah Meal carton, we covered it with some fun Jewish craft paper that we had, made a slit in the lid, and voila- our very own Tzedakah box~

There is an awesome Purim giveaway coming up just around the corner... so stay tuned~
Wishing you all a fabulous Shabbos!

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