Monday, February 20, 2012

~~Purim Stick Puppet Party~~

I was given this Purim Stick Puppet Party Pack to review from Tigercandy Arts- You can check it out here.

Today we all sat down to do them- and it was SUCH a hit. My princess got Esther and Vashti, my big guy got King Achashverosh and Mordechai, and since no one wanted to do Haman, mom got to be in on the fun:)

The pack comes with 1 face of each character to color, so we all colored our characters faces with crayons. We then glued the faces onto a piece of card stock that comes with it that fits it perfectly.

Then came the absolutely awesome part--- designing their outfits! Each puppet has a card board body with limbs you attach with those clip attachments that help them move. It comes with these really funky patterned papers to make very cool outfits for each puppet. We then stuck on a stick in the back (included) and had to wait a bit for them to dry, but once they were ready, the kids were busy for such a long time.

First they just played with them just doing their own game. Then they decided to put on a Purim Puppet show for mom and the little ones so they created a whole Puppet theater using the kitchen chairs and blankets from their bedrooms and before we knew it, we had the whole Purim story happening. It was awesome.

So yes, I HIGHLY recommend this puppet kit, its super easy, lots of fun, it comes with EVERYTHING except the crayons or markers and my kids not only loved making them, but loved playing with them too.

Here is a link to their website- Tigercandy Arts Purim Puppet Party

Enjoy, and if you haven't entered the Purim Giveaway yet, click here and enter!
A great week to all~

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