Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Menorah, Parshah Project and Workboxes

We made a project for this weeks Parshah, parshas VaYishlach. The munchkins colored a picture of Yakov meeting up with Eisav. Then we made a little wheel that pokes through a window on the paper showing the 3 things Yakov did to prepare to meet up with Eisav (prayed to Hashem - drew a Siddur, sent Eisav gifts- colored goats and sheep and prepared for war- colored bows and arrows). The little guy loves turning the wheel to see which picture shows up in the window...

Here is the full project:

This is just a little activity I did with Munchkin to help her practice coloring inside the lines:
Using pipe cleaners, I made them into shapes and glued them onto index cards. She then took markers and colored them in. She loved it:)
And here is just a peek inside our little Workboxes... I find it a great way to keep organized and to plan for each day:
The night before, I put a different activity in each drawer with any supplies they will need for the activity. Here are 3 examples:

A Beading Activity: I put the pipe cleaners shaped as dreidles with the beads in the drawer. The drawers come out, so I just put it out next to them.
A Chanukah Stamping Activity: Stamps, Ink pads and paper are all inside.
Menorah Activity: Paper, Popsicle sticks, tissue paper flames (under the paper) and glue...
One of our favorite activities is gluing- here is a little Menorah that we made out of the Popsicle sticks. I gave each munchkin a piece of colored construction paper with an outline of a Menorah. They each got Popsicle sticks and glue and glued each stick onto the line I drew. They then took yellow tissue paper and cut out flames to glue on... and voila:)

We also did a lot of practice with our Hebrew reading, as well as lots of singing and dancing to our favorite CD "Morah Music: Music and Movement"

We have a few of her CD's, the kids absolutely love them and all her songs of filled with information.

And so, thats been our week so far!
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Wishing you all a wonderful Shabbos,


  1. such great ideas! I just love your blog! :) You always have the best ideas for Jewish learning. Thank you!

  2. Great art using Popsicle sticks for making minorah ,I remember when i was a kid we used to make this activity in our school..Thanks for sharing anyways.


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