Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Parshas VaYeitzei, Building words and Hebrew Reading

Today we did a really fun project, especially since I literally thought of it on the spot:) It incorporated the 3 things the little tykes love most when it comes to art projects: cutting, gluing and manipulating the picture. So this is what we did:

We made a picture of Yakov having his dream. For the ladder, they used Popsicle sticks and glued them down to create their own ladder. Then they cut out 12 stones and glued them down to make a "pillow" for Yakovs head. They then cut out a picture of Yakov sleeping (I drew it for each of them) and stuck him down with his head resting on the "pillow."
The coolest part came next:) We taped a thin piece of string to the top of the ladder and bottom. We made a little Malach (angel) and attached it to the string so he is able to go up and down.

And there you have Yakovs dream! They absolutely loved pushing the little Malach up and down, it was a real hit!
I then came up with this activity to help the little guy practice putting the Hebrew letters and vowels together to form words as well as work on Hebrew vocabulary.

We are starting with 2 letter words and the vowel "kamatz." I wrote the words on little index cards and wrote the letters with the vowel on pegs. The little guy then matches the letters together, forming a word. Once he sounds out the word, he picks the toy to which the word matches (translation). Its such a fabulous activity and so easy to make. As he gets more fluent with his reading, the words will get bigger with more vowels etc.

Here it is:
And here he is, practicing his English words using the classic Montessori style- also a big hit, he gets SO excited when he creates sentences, its adorable:)
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Thanks, and a great week to all~

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