Sunday, November 21, 2010

Some more Chanukah Printables and Ideas to keep Toddlers busy

Here are a few more Chanukah printables I made- I got all these ideas from the Curriculum of the Arts, a fabulous Jewish preschool curriculum geared toward both preschools, Hebrew schools and home schoolers. Click here to buy a copy!

I hope these printables are helpful and fun for your little ones!

Menorah Sequencing- cut out each card and put them in order of the candles, starting from 1-8

OIL handwriting worksheets - another fun idea is to use sidewalk chalk and write the word "oil" really large on the driveway and have the kids balance along each letter

Now I am sure there are many of you out there with a little one (under the age of 2) climbing all over you or the other kids while they are trying to get their work done:) Yes, I have one of those and have come up with a few things to keep him busy and feeling like one of the big kids while they do their activities.

Here are a few favorite toys that keep him stimulated and that buy me a few minutes, as well as books that he absolutely loves to read with me or any of the other kids:

Books: any books with large clear pictures of things that they are familiar with in their little world. Also, touch and feel books are a big hit, or lift the flaps

Toys: You don't even need fancy toys- stacking plastic cups, putting money into the pushkah, putting pompoms into a container, there are so many little activities to do, check out these resources: Tasks Galore and Tot Trays

We did a project today on Yosefs coat- will post the photos when I get a chance. We also did some dreidle sorting which my 3 year old loved. Oh, and check out this link to a post I posted this time last year on what we were doing, as well as this list of fun and creative ideas to do for Chanukah.

Looking forward to hearing who the winners are for the Homeschool blog awards!

Have a fabulous week,

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