Friday, August 27, 2010

Parshah Links, Books and Goodies

We are all going to be teaching Parshah to our little ones this year, so I have gathered up a few Parshah resources (thanks Elizabeth for the inspiration!) that I use or will be using with my Preschoolers...

I have a FABULOUS set of "My first Parshah Reader" by R. Weissman. It is very easy reading and pictures on each page and my kids LOVE it!

There is also a great website, which has fun Parshah projects...

These are the sites that I visit the most and recommend-

These are two Jewish curriculum Books that I have wich include great great ideas for Holidays and the Jewish year in general- also HIGHLY recommended and WORTH the investment!

And throughout the year as we make our own Parshah Projects and activities, we will post them for all to see and use~


  1. Thanks for the links!
    I like My First Parsha Reader and have used it with 4 kids so far. Its mostly good, but needs a lot of supplementing, both explanation-wise and interpreting into modern English and sometimes, into modern viewpoints.
    I'll put in a plug here for my own weekly parsha poems as well. Mostly for kids a bit older, but younger kids like rhymes, even if they don't understand. :-)
    Mine aren't meant to be comprehensive, just to illustrate one idea from the parsha.

  2. Thank you for the review of the readers! I have been eyeing those but was hesitant to pay for such nice hardbacks without being able to see them or hear what someone else had to say. Really enjoy the blog!!

  3. When you go over the Parsha, do you follow the Jewish calendar? I am wanting to start at home with my daughter and thought about starting at the beginning. What do you recommend? She is 3 and a half. Thank you!

  4. I go according to the weekly Parshah- so come Friday night and Shabbat day, we show off our projects and ask questions and discuss that weeks Parshah at the Shabbat table... it works for us:) and the more complex Parshahs, I will usually just take one idea from that Parshah that the kids can understand and dwell on it~


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