Monday, November 10, 2014

If you give a Mom some Chocolate...

this was my morning in a nutshell...

If you give a mom some chocolate
She will have to hide in her closet to eat it so none of her kids see and she can have it all to herself.

Her phone will ring and she will answer it.
Her cleaning help will tell her she cannot come in today.

She will need to go and get another piece of chocolate.
And eat it in the closet.

While in her closet she will notice how unorganized it is.
She will head to the garage to bring up the new shelves she has been meaning to put together for her unorganized closet.

As she gets to the garage, she steps on a piece of Lego and yells really loudly.
She picks up the Lego piece and takes it to her boys room to put back in their Lego table.

While in the boys room, she gathers all their dirty laundry.
She heads to the laundry room and starts a load.

She see's some lone pink hangers on the dryer.
She returns them to the girls closet.

In the girls room, she sees some of her make up and lotions.
She returns it all to her bathroom and puts it all on a higher shelf.

On the shelf, she notices a pair of nail clippers.
She remembers she needs to cut her sons very long nails.

She finds her son playing really nicely and decides not to interrupt him.
As she turns around he asks her for a snack.

She goes to the kitchen to make him a snack.
She sees the pile of dishes in the sink.

She decides to ignore the dishes.
She tries to remember why she came into the kitchen in the first place.

She reaches for her morning coffee and realizes it is now cold.
She starts to make a new cup of coffee.

And chances are, if she has a cup of coffee,
she will need some chocolate to go with it!

Enjoy your day!


  1. I always seem to remember nail clippers and really long nails as two discrete entities.
    Chocolate rocks!

  2. I so relate to this!! Amazing how it's universal :) Thanks for sharing

  3. I like it! :)

    ~Jessica G.


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