Thursday, November 27, 2014

Adorable Menorah Decorating Kits

Whenever I go with my kids to Costco this time of year, they are always fascinated by the Gingerbread House making kit. Knowing it is not Kosher, they know not to even ask for it but talk about how cool it would be to make one.

A friend recently sent me a link to Sweet Thrills Bakeshop  where I saw they had Gingerbread Menorah Decorating Kits... that were KOSHER!!! PARVE!!!

I immediately contacted them and asked if they would send me one to review for all of you and within a few days the kit arrived--- and oh my goodness!!!

We opened it up and here is what was inside:

Which you put together to make this:

I mean, can you get any cuter? And the prices are SO decent- I highly recommend you hop on over to their website Sweet Thrills Bakeshop and check out their products- 

For Chanukah they have 3 different options and its all Kosher Parve!!!

A great Chanukah gift and activity for the kids- Enjoy and Happy almost Chanukah!


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