Monday, August 26, 2013

Keeping things Fresh and Exciting

Has it ever happened to you that one of your skirts or shirts goes missing in the back of your closet somewhere and you don't see it for months, in fact you completely forgot you even had it. Then one day, while cleaning out your closet, you come across this skirt/shirt and remember how much you liked it and now its almost as if you have a brand new piece of clothing in your closet and you're so excited to wear it?

Well, we can apply the same idea to our kiddos and their toys.

Since most of us are home for a big chunk of the day with our kids, their toys, books and games can get pretty old pretty fast.

So here are some good ideas to keep things fresh without having to break the bank...

If you have the space, get some plastic containers with lids from Walmart or even Bankers Boxes and put away a BUNCH of toys, books, puzzles and games and separate them into Holidays or months. Don't forget to label them and have them easily accessible.

This way, at the beginning of each month or Holiday season, you take down your box and the kids have a bunch of fresh goodies that they probably haven't seen for a long time, making it super exciting as if its brand new. For each box, you can put the appropriate things inside pertaining to that particular time of year, and like this it is also out of your way the rest of the year.

In regard to a Shabbat Box, you can change it up more often as they use it every week, and put in Shabbat appropriate things like board games, card games, new books (from the Library or home) and any other goodies that they will enjoy.

Of course if they have certain things that they play with all the time (Legos, wooden blocks, favorite dolls) then you are not going to hide it... but look around at the things that just seem to sit there and collect dust. Take it, put it away for a while and I can guarentee that one Shabbat afternoon if you randomly bring it out, chances are it will keep those little tykes very busy as it will be like something new to them. And if they are still not excited about that toy, give it away to someone who will enjoy it.

Also, by having this system, as you come across cool things through out the year on sale or recieved as gifts, you can put it in the appropriate box and by the time its time to open that box, you will have built up quite a collection without even realizing it. Example, a friend gives you a zoo puzzle that her daughter outgrew, put it in your Rosh Hashanah box and save it for that time of year for Parshas Noach or Days of Creation.

This is a win win as it limits the amount of clutter in your home and saves you money on buying new things.

Would love to hear how you keep things 'Fresh and Exciting' in your home!

Have a wonderful week,


  1. I love this idea, but unfortunately I don't have the space :(

  2. This is a great idea. I too don't have so much space, but I think I might be able to make it work for our house. Thanks for sharing!


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