Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Day in the Life of Guest Homeschooling Blogger Chaya

My daughters are turning 4 and 6 and I have been homeschooling them for the past 3 years. Before I go into detail about how our day unfolds, I just want to emphasize that what works for one homeschooling mom and child might not work for the next and if certain things you are doing get old or just aren't  working, change it up, nothing is ever set in stone.

I only started making and keeping a schedule this past year and it has really worked for us. I hope it can help someone out there to plan out their day too!

The girls wake up around 7:30 and I serve them breakfast. After breakfast they play until 9:30. They have specific things they can play with during those hours but they mostly busy themselves with Play Dough at this point.

My 6 year old is in first grade in the Shluchim Online School which is from 10am-12pm. During her time online is when I spend time with my 3 year old and get a start on my day (cooking, emails, and phone calls).

When online school is over we head over to our CHABAD house for lunch and from 12:30 until 2:30pm I teach them in our classroom. We usually cover the current Yom Tov and anything else that is going on. We are home by 3pm.

I was really fortunate to have found a "Cultural House" about a 6 minute drive from where we live. There are all sorts of after school activities for kids of all ages. No food is allowed in any class so that worked for me in the Kosher department. I enrolled my girls for 3 days a week. It is an awesome program! They love  it and have lots of fun and I get an hour and bit to myself.

Then it’s home, dinner, bath time and bed. For those of you wondering when and how I make dinner, I stick a chicken in the oven before I leave and it's ready when I get back, or I cook in the morning (during Online school) or just something simple when we get home.

This year I will be enrolling them in piano lessons twice a week so they will have something to do after school every day.

That’s my very basic day. And lastly, some golden words I heard from a friend of mine, Esther who homeschools her kids: if you have a lazy/ not so great day, don’t be so hard on yourself- as long as it’s an exception and isn't all the time! Cut yourself some slack, be a little chilled (I wake up telling myself this;) and all will be ok!

Thank you Chaya for giving us a glimpse into your day!

Good Luck to everyone starting out their Jewish Homeschool year- I have many more goodies lined up to share with you all!
Wishing you a wonderful week,

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  1. go chaya!!! you are the most dedicated mom i know!!!


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