Monday, January 14, 2013

Our "Curriculum"

While I really believe that kids learn so much through their 5 senses and interacting with the world hands on, some kids really thrive on Workbooks (my 5 year old daughter...) and can literally do an entire workbook in an hour- so I have compiled a few of our favorite learning materials for the little ones, in both Jewish and Secular subjects...

These are some of the Jewish books we use:

And these are some of the English books we use:

These are some great timeless toys that have been a big success in our house... no batteries required, just imagination :)

And here are some great Montessori materials that my kids love--- 

I also came across this great video- if you have time, check it out, very interesting!

Wishing you all a wonderful week,



  1. Thanks for all the resources.

  2. Thank u! Loved the video :) I've heard those math questions before...

  3. my son loved the "my first book of cutting" and glueing!
    The video is so very interesting! I was average in math, I would get the concepts but the next day wouldn't be able to remember it

    1. Jill, me too! I mean how much math do we use in our daily lives already--- baking, moving the playroom around, making sure everyone gets an equal size piece of cake :) I loved this video, really spoke to me~


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