Sunday, January 27, 2013

"ME" Moments

As moms, it is always so easy to forget about yourself. Some of us take better care of ourselves then others, but not all of us have the luxury to take a lot of time out for ourselves. 

What I have incorporated into my days are small little "ME" moments. Yes, just moments. But they are moments where I stop, breathe, and do a little something for ME.

Some examples...

My morning Cup of Coffee. 
Once all the troops are sitting down and chowing down on their breakfast, mom sits down to enjoy a really good cup of coffee, usually made by dad on his way out. This is a really, really, REALLY great ME moment. Even if its only for a few minutes, I really enjoy it immensely.

Coconut water.
 I have a constant supply of coconut water in the fridge, which not only is super healthy and gives me so much energy, I LOVE the taste. Sipping this through out the day keeps me hydrated and makes me happy. And no, I don't drink it out of a coconut, I just liked the photo :) Btw, dehydration really leads to crankiness. It is SO important to drink!

My Stash.
Yes, I have a stash in my bedroom. It is hidden away far better then any of my most expensive Jewelry. My stash consists of a variety of some of the most delicious chocolates one can encounter, and no, I dont share. With anyone. Not even the hubs. My stash makes me happy because when I am stressed or having a hard day, I go to my room for 5 minutes, close the door, access one little goodie and truly enjoy it. I have self control, hence I can have a stash. Many of my friends say they would eat the whole stash. Hence they have no stash. I love my stash. It makes me happy.

In the bathroom. Yes, I keep my favorite magazines in my bathroom and when I need a few minutes to check out, I sneak away and read an article or two until I start hearing the little knocks on the door. I like Oprah, Readers Digest, Better Homes and Gardens and a few more that I keep in there. 

So my fellow mama's, get creative. Create little ME moments for yourself. It will give you something to look forward to everyday, and it doesn't have to be food. It can be a great smelling lotion that you put on and smell all day. It can be a pretty lip gloss that makes you feel pretty. But the important thing is, you are doing these little things for YOU. And I can bet you that your kids and your hubby will benefit greatly because when mommy is happy, everyone is happy!

Wishing you all a wonderful week, filled with many "ME" Moments!


  1. Love this post. Makes me feel normal I'm not the only one who needs to escape for five minutes of me time.

  2. Do you drink a daily cup of coffee while nursing? I love coffee and notice a significant difference in my day when I drink it, but I am weary of making it a habit because of the caffeine affecting the sleep of a nursing baby...

    1. I personally don't drink coffee when I nurse, but there are many moms who do- each persons body and baby react differently~ but there is always a good herbal tea or hot cocoa, fruit smoothie, lost of other yummy morning drinks!

  3. I love to wake up earlier than the kids. I get dressed, eat breakfast, pray and then sit down to color or write in a journal page. It's the best time of day...besides for when the kids go to sleep :)

  4. When I'm able to, I wake up before the kids, dress, pray and eat and then I color a fill in the blank journal page from It's a great way to start my mornings!


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