Thursday, December 6, 2012

Fabulous Science Activity for Preschoolers

I found this on Pinterest and gave it to my very active 3 year old to do while I made Challah today.

It kept him busy for almost an hour, no joke. I had to share this with you as its just so simple and keeps them occupied for a really nice chunk of time...

Take a shallow dish or tray and fill it with baking soda. Get a few droppers (you can also use small spoons) and dye vinegar different colors using food coloring.

Using the droppers (or spoons) put the vinegar into the baking soda. It starts to bubble and fizz and when you use colors it makes all kinds or cool effect. 

My little guy LOVED this. One he used all the vinegar, he played with the baking soda with his hands, making hand prints, squishing it, and although some got on the table and floor, it was fine with me as it was baking soda and vinegar so it took seconds to clean up.

We also did another cool Science project- 

Get 3 clear cups and place them side by side. Put food coloring and water in the 2 outer cups. Leave the middle one empty. Take 2 pieces of thick paper towel and place one end of each piece in the water and the other end in the empty cup. 

It took about 10 minutes for the water to climb up the paper towel and go into the empty cup, but once it did, the colors mixed to form purple. 

Very cool indeed.

Wishing you a wonderful and restful Shabbos,


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