Sunday, November 11, 2012

Toldot Trays

Some activities for this weeks Parshah~

Making little replicas of Yakov and Eisav to reenact the story- includes a Torah for Yakov to learn, weapons for Eisav to hunt with and a bowl of lentils:

A RED Collage since Eisavs skin and hair was RED (I put red food coloring in the glue, came out pretty cool):

In connection to Yitzchak "feeling" Eisavs hairy body (which was actually Yakov) this is a classic Montessori activity- get lots of different fabrics with different textures. Cut them in two and place half the fabrics in a bag or box and half in a basket. Have the kids pick one piece of fabric, feel it, touch it and then close their eyes and using their sense of touch, try to find the matching piece of fabric in the bag or box: 

Since Rivkah helped Yakov cover himself in fur, we made beards and arm covers: 

In connection to twins, even though Yakov and Eisav were such opposites, this is just a color matching game with stickers:

I wish I were more consistent in posting what we do each week, but like they say- Life happens and we all get caught up in day to day activities. 

I am working on putting together an e-book of all our Parshah activities so hopefully that will be helpful when it is complete!

Wishing you a wonderful week,

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