Tuesday, November 13, 2012

"I See Me" Chanukah Book Review

Okay... Chanukah is in a few weeks- and although we do not have the custom to give our kids actual gifts (we give them Chanukah gelt) I know there are plenty of families out there who do...

Now I was lucky enough to create a personalized Chanukah book for my kids to review from the folks at I See Me Inc. Personalized Childrens Books. This is such an adorable thing to have for your kids- story books with THEM as the main character:) 

Take a few minutes and hop over to their website and check out their fabulous products... just click here- but come right back so I can tell you a bit about the Chanukah book they made for us:)
 Here is some info about this super cute book:
One of our popular personalized gifts for kids. In this beautifully illustrated, personalized story, the child lights the Menorah, plays with a Dreidel, enjoys chocolate Gelt and Latkes, and on day eight receives the gift of a cuddly bear. Sure to be a family classic, the story is written by award-winning author Jennifer Dewing and illustrated by Wilson Ong.

One child is the "star" of the story and his or her name is featured throughout the story.
The child's name and the names of his or her siblings or family members are included on an illustration of gift tags on presents around the menorah.

It is really easy to personalize- so head on over to this page to order and create your very own Chanukah book starring your sweetie pie!

Here are 2 promo codes for my dear readers to use at check out:
For 10% off an entire order- enter HANUKKAH  expires 11/21/12
For FREE SHIPPING enter hanukkah1  expires 11/14/12 at midnight

Enjoy and have a great week!

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