Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Not-So-Perfect Storm

This past Monday, a friend of mine who lives about 10 minutes away informed me that the local news channel predicted a Hurricane to hit on Friday.

On Wednesday, the hurricane was downgraded to a tropical storm, but was on its way in full force.

I was not very happy to hear about this. Firstly, because Friday is the day before Shabbos. And on Shabbos, I really need good weather. I need it so my kids can play outside and not drive us nuts inside.

I was also not very happy because along with tropical storms come blackouts. And when we have blackouts, I can't cook. And if there was a blackout on Shabbos, there goes the Cholent that my kids live for every week (no joke, they each have about 5 bowls throughout the day, starting with breakfast with daddy at 6am) and there goes my refrigerator and freezer with the ice cream that gets us through the later part of Shabbos afternoon.

Not only that, but my kids are all feeling much better, thank G-d, but there are still many runny noses running through my house so I called all our Shabbos guests who usually come over every Shabbos with their kids (who play with our kids, keeping them entertained for a large part of the morning and afternoon) to let them know that I don't think it would be wise to bring their kids around this household just yet, not until runny noses have all disappeared.

Lets just say, that I had made up my mind, on Wednesday, that Shabbos was going to be very difficult and not very enjoyable.

 Comes Friday morning, I wake up to see the clearest blue skies and the sun streaming through my bedroom window. Ah, the calm before the storm, I told myself.

All day, it was gorgeous. The sun shone, there was the slightest breeze, just enough to cool you down from the intense heat of the sun. Ah, just wait for Shabbos. The storm is going to hit. Hard.

We lit candles, davened and had our meal. We put the kids to sleep and I made sure to finish a book I had planned to read the following day. But since this huge tropical storm was coming, I would be so busy with all the blackouts and cabin fever kids, I wouldn't have time to read, never mind finish the whole book. So I lay on the couch and finished my book.

Shabbos morning arrived. Clear blue skies. Even more clear then Friday's. A most gorgeous day awaited us. The kids played outside all morning. We had to call them a few times to come inside to make Kiddush. They ate their Cholent. All 5 bowls. The younger kids napped. The older ones played. We had our ice cream party. My hubby took them on a walk while I started and finished another book. It was a beautiful Shabbos.

And here, I wasted 3 days stressing out about how challenging it was going to be.

My husband, a very practical man, always says, "Tracht Gut, Vet Zein Gut" "Think Good, and it will Be Good". I love this saying, but when you hear a storm is coming, does it make sense to think it away? To think of the benefits of a storm on Shabbos? No. But you don't have to think negative thoughts. Because as we all know, our minds are so powerful and can color any situation. And as moms, it is up to us to set the tone in our house.

So if there is a storm coming, take that information and process it. Make some extra food just in case there is a blackout. Make an extra cake in case the ice cream melts. Prepare some fun games to play if the kids are stuck inside.

I learned such a powerful lesson this week, how our thoughts can really really change things.

Here's to positive thinking. I now really get it. Think good, and guess what- it will actually BE good:)
To all a wonderful week,


  1. So can we have the Cholent recipe?? Wondering if my fussy kids would try it......

  2. Oh, its not that fancy:
    Cholent Recipe:
    6 potatoes, peeled and cut in quarters
    half a bag of barley
    one onion cut into rings
    your choice cut of meat (flanken, steak, stew meat)

    Put into pot in that order--- then:
    4 cups water
    1 tbsp onion powder
    1 tsp white pepper
    1 tsp salt
    a good squirt of ketchup
    1 tbsp paprika
    1 tbsp cumin 1 tbsp garlic
    Mix all together, pour over meat and veges and add extra water if necessary.

    My kids dont like any other veges in the cholent, but feel free to add your own! And once in a while I throw in a few eggs for our sefardi guests:)


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