Saturday, July 7, 2012

I want a messy house!!!

A few years ago in the winter, all my kids got a really bad case of the flu.

They were all in bed for a week, on antibiotics and what not, it was so hard.

After a week they all started feeling better, thank G-d.

They started playing and doing the things they normally do.

I will never forget, my husband walked into the house one evening (it was about the time they were all getting better) and said, "Baruch Hashem! The house is a mess again!" To which I asked him what exactly he meant by that.

He in turn replied, "When the kids are sick and in bed, they have no energy to destroy the house on a daily basis, like they usually do. So the house is pretty clean when they're not feeling well. Walking into the house tonight, seeing toys and everything everywhere showed me that they are all getting back to their happy, healthy selves! So Baruch Hashem (Thank G-d), the house is a mess!"

This Shabbos was really difficult. I had my 4 year old in bed all day, lethargic from fever and sore throat. My 3 year old walking around with a really nasty cough, and my little ones kvetchy and fussy with fevers, pretty much in my arms all day. I was exhausted.

But after Shabbos, once they were all in bed, I got ready to tackle the usually insanely messy house (especially after Shabbos, this place is usually a serious wreck), but the play room was spotless. Not a toy out of place. There were no puzzles all over the floor or wooden blocks to pick up.

Then after Havdalah, I asked Hashem, out loud, if He could bless me with a week of happy, healthy children, and a VERY messy house, from all of their playing. The sooner, the better.

Wishing you all a good week, filled with health, happiness and messy homes~

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