Thursday, May 31, 2012

90 Days of Summer...

We live in the Tropics. Which basically means that for us, it is pretty much summer all year round. Given, there are a few chilly days in the winter when the kids put on their fuzzy socks and sweaters that have been collecting dust in the back of the closet which is always a very exciting ordeal.

My kids are too young for sleep away camp and we do not have a Jewish Day Camp here {yet} so the summers for us are not that much different to the rest of the year. We usually have different family members and good friends come visit for a week or 2, but other then that, its pretty much the same.

Since we are bringing in summer early this year (more for me then for the kids:) I decided that every weekday of summer, aside for going to the park, pool or beach, we will start our mornings off with davening, followed by a fun arts'n crafts project, a fun game and some reading (either about the Parshah or a Jewish story- we have some fabulous Jewish story books which I will list on my next post).

My goal is to collect 90 different arts'n crafts ideas, 90 different summer games/activities and read 90 different Jewish stories to the kiddos (one a day).

Hey, I'm aiming high:) I think it will be fun. 

Click here to see what I have collected so far!

My ultimate goal is to make 3 boards, one for each month, with a craft and activity on each day. Super excited to get started on this-- I have til Friday to make Junes;)

Looking forward to sharing what I come up with!


  1. Sounds like a great plan!

  2. Link isn't working. is there another link address?

  3. Just fixed it-- here's the correct link!


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