Monday, May 7, 2012

Pretty Awesome Lag B'Omer Project and Activity Booklet

We have been reading the book The Story of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and the kiddos came up with this awesome idea to make a real cave out of actual rocks, make the carob tree and water stream and use mentchies to re-enact the story of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai.

How adorable did it come out?!

The only part I played in this project was master of the glue gun. I just followed directions of what to glue to what.

They ran outside and collected rocks and branches. They used green feathers as leaves and rice as carob. We used blue tissue paper as the water.

Thats Rabbi Shimon inside the cave with his son, Rabbi Elazar and outside is Eliyahu HaNavi saying that the Roman Emperor has died and they can now come out of their cave:)

Here is a FREE Lag B'Omer Activity Booklet I made for the kids for you to enjoy with yours-

Have a fabulous week and a super fun Lag B'Omer- and don't eat too many S'mores (although you probably deserve to;)!



  1. Froggy loved your activity booklet. Even though she was too old for the activities it was still cute and she enjoyed reading the story to Abba and sharing with him why we celebrate LagB'Omer.

  2. Fabulous!! Lag B'Omer is such a hard holiday to teach little ones, and you got it just right! Thanks so much!


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