Wednesday, September 30, 2015

My Grounding Kit

As homeschooling moms, there is always so much going on in our lives.
Its not easy and often we can feel like we are just running in circles.

A very good friend of mine introduced me to The Grounding Kit.
Her name is Rus Devorah and she is the founder of Toratherapeutics a Torah Inspired Approach to Holistic Growth & Healing. I cannot recommend this resource enough.

Here is how it works:

The idea is to have a little box or bag and inside keep 5 of your favorite things corresponding to your 5 senses.

Here is what I have in mine:

 ~Something Sweet~
Taste- I found these candies in Whole Foods and I'm hooked. They come in other flavors but I love this one.

 ~Something Soft~
Touch- This is a piece of Satin from a gown I made for my sister in laws wedding many years ago. It is soft and stretchy and feels amazing.

~Something Soothing~
Sound- This is one of my favorite stations on Pandora. It is called Classical New Age Piano.

 ~Something Fragrant~
Smell- A good friend gifted me with this bottle of Serenity by Doterra. It smells exactly like what it says it is. Absolute Serenity.

~Something Beautiful~
Sight- This is one of my favorite photographs. I actually took it from my kitchen window. It wows me more and more every time I look at it.
When you are in a place where you feel things are just getting too much, and we have all been there, go somewhere quiet if possible. You then take each one of these objects and enjoy them for 30 seconds each.

Close your eyes and listen to the music. 
Pop the candy into your mouth, close your eyese, and savor the flavor. 
Look at your photograph and get in touch with what makes it so meaningful to you. 
Hold and stroke the fabric, run it through your fingers, along your cheek.
Smell your essential oil or whatever scent is yours. 

Take 30 seconds for each one and just stop every thing you are doing and savor each thing.

That is 2.5 minutes out of your entire day.

This is not something that you need to do every day. Its something to do when your mind is everywhere and you need it back here, focused, present.

This is YOUR kit, for you. Some of you may need to think really hard about what their favorite things are to make this kit, because being moms and busy all the time, we tent to forget what we like, what we enjoy because we are so busy taking care of everyone else.

Here are some links to where you can get some of these products:

And here is more info on Toratherapeutics:

Enjoy and have a wonderful Sukkot~


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  1. Such a great idea ☺ thanks for sharing we all need this...! And Rus Devorah is awesome


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