Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Alef is for Apple- Hebrew Reading Curriculum Review

I am in love with this Curriculum.
My kids absolutely love doing it.
If you do not have an early childhood Alef Beis Curriculum, Click Here and get Alef is for Apple right now.

You will receive a 55 page workbook where each Hebrew letter is connected to English words that begin with that sound. Alef is for Apple. Beis is for Box. Gimmel is for Glasses etc. 

The reason I love this idea is that as much as I would love my kids to learn Hebrew at a young age, my four year old simply does not relate to the fact that a house in Hebrew is a Bayit, so coloring a house on a page with a Beis does not really do much for them.

On the other hand, if you look at the example page above, my 5 year old can literally zoom through the book on his own and loves the independence.

And that is just the beginning.

You will receive a bag filed with miniatures that are connected to each letter. On the previous photo we have a small bag of Glitter to glue on the Gimmel. A bag of Buttons for Beis, Ducks for Daled, Crayons for Kaf and so on.

This all makes sense to the little ones and its hands on as they get to glue each bag of goodies onto each letter as they learn it.

And this all comes together in one package. The book and bag of miniatures.

I cannot recommend this enough.

Here is their website- http://www.alefisforapple.com and the prices are amazing.

Have fun!

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