Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Welcome Home and Giveaway!

This past week I was away, for eight days. Yes, just me, alone, solo, for eight days in New York City spending time with my amazing family and friends and some incredible women from all over the world attending the annual Chabad Women's Gathering.

Whats so great about getting away by yourself (aside for being able to watch an entire movie on the plane and just needing one carry on which consisted of my hand bag) is being able to take a step out of your life and look at it from the outside.

I was able to see the things I wanted to work on or change as well as continue the things that are working well.

I attended some great homeschooling workshops and learned a lot from some other really great homeschooling moms, and I plan to share what I learned soon on this blog.

But whats great about coming back from these trips is that I come back with a tremendous sense of clarity and am always so excited to get back into my real life and implement what I have learned.

I received a wonderful book a few weeks ago called Home Field Advantage- A Guide to Teaching Methods for Your Homeschooling Champions by Skyla King-Christison.

We all want to homeschool our kids with the best method that works for us as well as our kids. There is no WRONG way to homeschool.

The book starts off by talking about why Homeschooling may be a better option, so for those that did not choose this, it really helps you to see and understand the benefits of homeschooling.

It then lists in detail the different methods and options of homeschooling: from Montessori, to Waldorf to Uncschooling and more.

It talks about the different types of children and different styles of learning and how you can figure out your childs personality type and how to work with your childs temperament at home.

There is an entire section on designing and planning a tailored home education and homeschooling plan, how to put it together step by step. And then shows you how to design your homeschool environment.

This is a fabulous book for homeschoolers everywhere and I am excited to let you know that FIVE lucky readers will receive one copy of  a Home Field Advantage e-book by entering the Giveaway below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

For those who just cant wait, CLICK HERE to pick up a copy for yourself and any other friends you know who homeschool their kids.

Good Luck and in the weeks to come I look forward to sharing some jewels of inspiration and information as well as some fabulous interviews from some incredible women that I met on my trip!

Have a wonderful week and a Happy Adar!


  1. Thanks a lot for all your resources! by the way , i loved the homeschool workshop too ;-)

  2. For now, my daughter is still a toddler so for now we just play together and read a lot of books.

  3. I think my style is "flying by the seat of my pants!" :)

  4. This book sounds great! I don't have a method yet, my kids are young and we're still just trying to survive the day!

  5. We haven't started yet, but plan on starting next year :)

  6. I follow some of montessori style homeschooling and then go with my kids' learning styles.

  7. We unschool with a prepared environment and tweaks for each learner.


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