Sunday, November 17, 2013

Something about Sundays

In Deepak Chopras book The Spiritual Laws of Success, he calls Sundays "The Law of Pure Potentiality". 

The Zohar says that each day has its particular function (Zohar, part III, 94b)

In Hebrew, Sunday is called Yom Rishon, "the first day". Each Sunday is literally a first day, the first of a new time cycle which repeats, from the beginning. {source}

We are moms. We have SO much on our plates. We need to make breakfast, lunch and dinner for our families. We need to keep track of family appointments. We need to prepare our childrens school work and teach them. We need to plan outings and run errands.

After reading Rivka Carolines book From Frazzeled to Focused (about 50 times by now) one of her many many brilliant points that she makes is that running a home is a lot like running a business. 

We are the CEO's of our homes and to ensure a home that runs smoothly we need to make the necessary plans. My very wise father in law always says, "Proper Planning Prevents Poor Perfomance."

So thats where Sundays come in. Sunday is the first day of the week. It is a day that gives us time to prepare for the week ahead.

To ensure a week that runs as smooth as possible, make Sundays your friend. Set aside an hour or as much time as you are able to and plan the following things:
-Make a menu plan for the week and a shopping list to go with it
-Make sure any appointments are up on the calendar for you to see and make any necessary babysitting arrangements
-Plan your kids activities for the week, both Homeschool activities as well as outings. 
Put all this information up on the wall for you to see. Try it once, it will give your week an entirely new meaning even if you don't religiously stick to the plans.

Here's an example of what my weekly plan looks like:

Weekly Menu Plan:

Weekly School Plan:

If my weekly plans are helpful to you I am happy to post them weekly. Just remember, life happens and things happen so if things don't go exactly according to plan, its okay!

So here's to good planning and great performance!
Have a great and successful week,


  1. This is exactly what I needed at the perfect time. Please, post your weekly plans! It would be very helpful.


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