Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What I Love about Homeschooling...

Granted, there are plenty of challenges when homeschooling and I have addressed many of them right here in my blog. But what I haven't addressed are the things that I actually love about homeschooling...

I LOVE breakfast in our house. I love how it can last for up to an hour, usually from about 7am-8am. There is absolutely no rush or pressure to be anywhere. We make waffles, pancakes, muffins, french toast and all types of yummy oatmeal. We sit, and eat, and chat. It is one of the most enjoyable hours of my day.

I LOVE to be home. "Barefoot, Pregnant and in the Kitchen"- I could not be any happier. I love that I don't have to leave unless I want to. I have always been a home-body. My home is like my nest. I am always happiest at home.

My Kids...
I actually LOVE spending time with my kids. I enjoy them. They're a fun bunch. I love watching them play together. I love watching them play by themselves. I love watching them learn and discover new things. I love watching them read to themselves and to each other. I love watching them laugh. I love snuggling on the couch and reading to them. I love being able to spend so much time with them, because I know this will not last forever.

The Freedom...
I LOVE the freedom of homeschooling. I love how nothing ever HAS to get done and we can always just learn and discover new things. I love how some days we can work on one thing for hours, and other days we can do lots of different things. I love how I don't have to rush to be anywhere at any specific time. I love how when its a gorgeous day, we can turn on the sprinklers and play all morning. I love witnessing how my kids learn so much without it being fed to them or forced on them. 

So while yes, there are plenty of challenges when homeschooling, its always nice to recognize the truly wonderful things that you get to do because you homeschool. It's all about how you look at it.

What do you love about homeschooling?

Have a wonderful week,


  1. Mommzy, So happy to discover your blog (visiting from simple homeschool)! This post is a breath of fresh air....I think one comment homeschooling moms often get is "Oh, I could never do that! I could never be home all day with my kids" Really??? I feel just as you do, what an absolute joy and blessing (despite the many challenges) to really have time to be with your kids as they play and learn and grow and surprise you with all their wonderful thoughts. :)

  2. Like you, I love that nothing has to get done. We do it if we want to. We spend as much time as we like on a theme, subject or activity. I love to homeschool.

  3. When people see me toting around 4 kids ages 7, 5, 3 and 7 months they often will make the comment, "You have your hands full!" To which I respond, "If you think my hands are full, you should see my heart."

    As you said, homeschooling has it's challenges but what I love most is I know my kids because I spend time with my kids.

    I can't imagine hurrying them off to school so early in the morning and rushing through dinner just to do more homework, bathe and go to bed.
    I thank God for the freedom to homeschool!


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