Monday, March 18, 2013


As each year goes by, I am not sure about you, but my list of lists for Pesach seems to grow and grow. I feel like I am constantly writing things down so not to forget things and end up with a bunch of scrap papers that I need to go through at the end of the day to sort out what needs to get done and when.

I printed it out and put it in a binder. It is literally a bunch of blank lists that I fill in for Pesach through out the month and it gives me a lot of sanity. I have it on my kitchen counter and as things come along, I plug it into the appropriate list. If I think of a good idea for a meal, I stick it in one of the menus. You get the idea. Now all my lists and ideas are all in one place, and so is my mind.

The Simple Pesach Planner includes:
*A one month calendar for the month before Pesach
*A one week calendar for the week before Pesach
*A Kids Menu for the week before Pesach (so our kids don't starve while we stress out)
*A cleaning list
*A shopping list sorted by types of products
*A guest list
*Seder preparation list
*To Do list for day before and day of Seder
*Table setup
*Yom Tov preparation list
*Delegation lists to give out to those helping you
*Seder Menus
*Yom Tov lunch Menus
*Chol Hamoed Menus
*Shabbos Menus
*Last day Yom Tov Menus (Dinners and Lunches)

Feel free to print out whatever lists work for you- 
Enjoy your week, dont get over whelmed and dont forget to breathe...............


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  1. I've been meaning to do something like this for a while but this is way more comprehensive. THanks!


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