Friday, June 1, 2012

~~Summer Activities and Books for June~~

Today I sat down with my little tykes and together we went through a bunch of crafts, games and activity books that we have and decided upon of a bunch of our favorite things to do.

Here are the activities we came up with--- you can print it out and use to your preference! You can cut them up and stick them in a jar labeled "Summer Activities" or laminate them and stick them on a personal calendar. Enjoy!

Click Here to download and print!

Here are 2 Scavenger Hunts I made, Click Here to download and print~

And here are some fabulous Jewish Childrens books filled with incredible stories your kids will love!

I'm working on the arts'n crafts for June--- stay tuned and have a fantastic Shabbos!



  1. thanks for the great printables! i don't see a link to the children's books... is it there and i'm not seeing it? thanks again! :)

  2. It way just be your computer--- try reload the page and the Amazon Book Carousel should show up!


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