Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Yom Kippur Activites

Here are a few things we're doing this week to prepare for Yom Kippur:

The classic craft for Yom Kippur- Slippers: made from foam with sticky backs. Have the kids trace each of their feet on a piece of foam and cut it out, a little bigger then their actual foot...

Let them decorate another piece of foam and cut it out like below:

There is a piece of paper on the back of each piece of foam. There are 3 tabs, 2 on each side and one on the top. You will use these to stick to the bottom of each foot cutout. Peel the paper off the back of each tab leaving the rest of the paper on the foam so it doesnt stick to the kids feet. Fold the tabs over the foot cutout, press down to stick, and voila... got some nice looking Yom Kippur slippers!

The nice thing about the sticky foam (you can get it at Walmart or any craft store) is that the sticky part STICKS. No glue or staples are needed and the kids can use them right away.

Next we made a Tashlich pond...

Using a plate filled with water, shave different colored chalk into the water. You can let the kids use a plastic knife to shave the chalk.

We cut out little fish from white paper and the kids dipped each fish into the water for a few seconds then laid it out to dry.

And here you have the finished product... you can do this with anything, the chalk creates a really cool effect.

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Should be a great week and an easy fast to all~

Oh, and for those who are making Kreplach, you can use ready made won-ton dough, just fill it with filling and drop into the soup to boil. It comes out great and its super easy!

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  1. how do we download your yom kippur activity pack?


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