Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pesach... let the fun begin:)

Here is a cute project we did a while ago but it really fits well into learning about the first of the 10 plagues- Blood. We learn how the Jews would drink from a cup and it would be water, then the Egyptians would drink and it would be blood.

We did this science experiment using HOT water with red food coloring as the Blood and COLD water with blue food coloring as the water. We then carefully put the Hot water on top of the cold, upside down, and due to the difference in densities of the Hot and Cold water, they didn't mix!

Granted, we did this on the second try as you have to do it really quickly and carefully or it mixes...

We've also been making tons of different types of pyramids, out of Lego, Wooden Blocks and magnets.

I decided to get the kids involved in cleaning their rooms for Pesach this year. We made these signs that we will put on their doors once we have cleaned each of their rooms to remind them not to bring ANY chometz in... it will also give them a sense of closure that they have cleaned their room and on to the next thing to clean.

A great week to all and happy Pesach cleaning:)

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